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A buyer’s guide to your first PRINCE2 course.

A common mistake when purchasing PRINCE2 training is thinking all training organizations deliver the same training model and same level of quality. The training models can vary greatly for example:

  • There are providers who commit to smaller class sizes and provide a more interactive program that empowers participants with knowledge that will support passing the PRINCE2 exams and your future use of PRINCE2.
  • The recent introduction of ‘exam factories’ to the Australian market could mean that you unknowingly purchase a training program that could have more than 25 participants in the class and the majority of class time spent cramming in techniques on how to pass a PRINCE2 certification exam with little 2 way communication.

This guide aims to provide some indicators that may help identify quality training considerate of you as a customer and learner:

  • Does the organization commit to small classes to improve the learning experience for all participants?
  • When you call are you able to speak to a PRINCE2 Trainer?
  • Can the customer service team answer your questions about PRINCE2?
  • Upon your request is the organization willing to provide you with the profile of the trainer that will be delivering the training course?
  • Has the organization worked in the Australian market as a PRINCE2 training provider for many years? Only a few training providers have been training PRINCE2 for 7+ years
  • Does the training provider have staff and trainers that work in Australia and therefore understand the Australian business environment?
  • Do the trainers have experience using PRINCE2?
  • Do the organization’s trainers work exclusively for the training organization? This mean trainers are more likely to be linked to a ‘trainer continuous improvement program’
  • How much course time is devoted to case study exercises?
  • Is the organization’s focus on PRINCE2 or is it a supplementary product?

To help address the current confusion caused by the different training models available on the market, PRINCE2 Training will soon be adding to these site training providers from each Australian state and territory committed to providing customer-orientated high-value training.  If you are a training provider and believe you adhere to the above criteria contact us to learn how you can be added to our database.

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