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Benefits of PRINCE2 – A Case Study

Benefits of PRINCE2 – A Case Study

A project department within a health services organization had trouble delivering projects on time, to budget and consistently not delivering to the quality expectations of its customers. Management asked their project office to look at ways to improve the delivery of their projects. Management also complained that throughout the past year they had little means of understanding which projects where on schedule and to budget and which projects remained on track to deliver value. Over the years the organization had placed their staff through various project management training courses, guides and many even had a project management certification.

The challenge for the organization was that even though they had trained project managers they were not applying their learnings in a structured and methodical way which could avoid and address problems with their projects. Every project manager was using a different approach to manage their projects, mostly based on their ‘own view of the world’. Each project was set up differently, time and cost estimates were calculated differently, risks were managed inconsistently (if managed at all) and as there was no one standard approach for reviewing and reporting progress, management struggled to understand the status of the projects it was investing in.

The organization concluded that they needed a methodology that ensures project managers apply their skills and knowledge in a logical manner and consistent to a best practice approach for project management. The enterprise organization asked us to present on PRINCE2 and staff then undertook PRINCE2 training. Today the organization is embedding PRINCE2 project management and confidence is increasing as the organization now has a standard process based approach that provides project managers a path of activities describing how and when they should apply their project management skills and knowledge.

Today PRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management method with over 750,000 people holding a PRINCE2 certification and with thousands of organizations having adopted PRINCE2 or their own tailored version of PRINCE2.

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