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Improve your project management skills and at the same time gain an international project management certification with our leading PRINCE2 Training Perth course.

PRINCE2 Project management courses in Perth

  • Professional customer-oriented classroom PRINCE2 Training Perth Courses
  • Small class sizes
  • Highly experienced PRINCE2 trainers, with 15+ years project & programme management experience
  • Case study based training
  • Training materials beyond the minimum accredited standard
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments provided
  • Fully inclusive package

We are known for EMPOWERING our clients, not just teaching how to pass an exam

PRINCE2 Training Perth

PRINCE2 Foundation Package

The 2.5 day PRINCE2 Foundation course fee includes:

  • Foundation accredited PRINCE2 Course materials
  • Laminated PRINCE2 Process Chart
  • Electronic copy of PRINCE2 Training templates
  • Sample Foundation exams
  • Foundation exam fee (online exam)
  • Official PRINCE2 eBook Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2
  • Online pre-course reading material
  • Lunch, coffee/tea and refreshments (in-person public courses only)
  • Experienced trainers

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PRINCE2 Practitioner Package

The 1.5 day PRINCE2 Practitioner course fee includes:

  • Practitioner accredited training material
  • Laminated PRINCE2 Process Chart
  • Electronic copy of PRINCE2 templates
  • Sample Practitioner exams
  • Practitioner exam fee (online exam)
  • Online pre-course reading material
  • Our Practitioner pre-course pack
  • Email and phone access to our Lead Trainer leading up to the course, to assist you with any questions relating to your pre-course work and reading
  • Lunch, coffee/tea and refreshments (in-person public courses only)
  • Experienced trainers
  • Reduced rate if PRINCE2 Foundation completed with us

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PRINCE2 Foundation Plus Practitioner Package

Enrol in both courses at a discounted rate. This package includes all the items above plus you can choose to complete Foundation and Practitioner in the same month or complete the Practitioner component in a later month as selected by you.

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PRINCE2 Training Perth from trainers with experience

We have been delivering PRINCE2 courses in Perth, public and corporate in-house courses since 2008. Our team was one of the first to provide PRINCE2 Courses in Perth.

PRINCE2 Trainers with local knowledge

We have trained Western Australian government departments, Federal government departments in WA and the mining, petroleum, information technology and professional services sectors. These are just a few of the many sectors we have provided PRINCE2 Courses since establishing our Perth team in 2008.

Speak to a trainer to learn more about our PRINCE2 Training Perth courses in project management.

PRINCE2 Training Perth Courses & Project Management course packages:

  • 2.5 day Foundation course
  • 1.5 day Practitioner course
  • 4 day combined Foundation Plus Practitioner PRINCE2 Training Perth course package, at a further discounted fee

Should you wish to complete both PRINCE2 Training Perth Foundation and Practitioner certification, join now for our discounted Foundation Plus Practitioner package.

Upcoming PRINCE2 Courses in Perth

PRINCE2 Foundation

This is a 2.5 day program with the 1 hour PRINCE2 Foundation exam completed as an online exam following the completion of the training. The Foundation course provides participants with a comprehensive knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology

PRINCE2 Project Management Perth

Foundation Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology
Practitioner Refine your knowledge and skills and further your understanding on how to apply PRINCE2

Course Aims

By the end of the Foundation course participants will understand:

  • The benefits of using a structured project management approach
  • The roles and responsibilities within a PRINCE2 project
  • Through the PRINCE2 training, the elements that make up the methodology, its: Principles, Processes, Themes and the Project Environment
  • The relationship between PRINCE2’s Principles, Processes Themes
  • The importance of tailoring PRINCE2 for a specific project or business environment

Course Modules

  • Project Management & PRINCE2 Course Overview
  • The 7 PRINCE2 best practice principles
  • The 7 PRINCE2 management processes
  • The 7 PRINCE2 management themes
  • Project environment
  • Course and exam revision

The course program is carefully designed to illustrate how the elements of PRINCE2, that is the Principles, Processes and Themes, are integrated with an understanding on how these elements support a best practice approach in a project environment.

The Foundation program involves various learning techniques such as case study exercises to further participant’s understanding of PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

The Practitioner course provides participants a detailed understanding of PRINCE2 focusing on its application in various project scenarios.

Foundation certification is a pre-requisite to Practitioner certification.

Course Aims

By the end of the Practitioner course participants will:

  • Have a more detailed understanding of PRINCE2
  • Better understand the application of PRINCE2 to given scenarios
  • Understand how to approach the Practitioner certification exam questions

Course Modules

The Practitioner training includes a series of revision, discussion and exercise sessions on each PRINCE2 element.

  • Approaching the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam
  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • Tailoring PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Themes
  • PRINCE2 Processes

The Practitioner program is a case study based program to further participant’s understanding of the application of PRINCE2.

At the end of day 1 the trainer will prescribe homework based on participant responses to the case study exercises.

PRINCE2 Training Perth Location:

Our PRINCE2 Training perth courses are conducted at a professional training venue in central Perth. If however you’re looking for in-house training we can deliver our accredited PRINCE2 courses at your venue at any location in Western Australia.

  • I enjoyed the whole course. The presenter did a great job with real examples and the team activities helped to understand the topics better.
    Ivana (Telecommunications)


  • Absolutely recommend this course. Exceptional!
    Kristi (Government)


  • The trainer was very knowledgeable, engaging and patient. Exam practice sessions and rationales were also very helpful!
    Nicola (NGO)


  • Great course, well done. Our trainer was awesome!
    Glen (Consultant)


  • I would recommend this training to my colleagues. Exceptional!
    Shuen (Health sevices)


  • The PRINCE2 training Perth course allowed application of theory through practical examples.
    David (IT)


  • Great presenter, practical examples used to apply PRINCE2 processes and themes.
    Lindsey (Consultant)


  • Fantastic course, lots of interaction. Trainer did a great job!!
    Joanna (Government)


  • Great course, content and delivery. Completely changed my view of PRINCE2, for the better!
    Frank (IT)


  • All the course was great.
    Mira (Transportation)


  • Presenter was excellent. It was well delivered.
    Kevin (Transportation)


  • Trainer is very knowledgeable and spoke clearly.
    Melissa (Transportation)


  • Outstanding trainer and has exceptional knowledge to be able to impart her skills, experience and expertise.
    Sandy (Transportation)


  • Best part, learning in a team environment!
    Lionel (ICT)


  • Workshops, I never usually like them, but actually enhanced my learning! – Exceptional
    Mason (Health)


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    PRINCE2 6th edition Foundation & Practitioner

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